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Athelstan Siamese & Oriental Cats Show Results

I am immensely proud of all my cats and never more so when they do well at cat shows. Below are some of my cats and kittens show results.

Teddy at the Supreme with his breeder Kay Simpson of Flutterby

IMPERIAL GRAND CHAMPION FLUTTERBY CONQUISTADOR went to the supreme and got his 1st UK Grand Certificate... also the BOB. The competition was FIERCE - but Teddy did this with his usual grace and style - it's with thanks to Brenda Pearce who gave him this award. Thank you to all his aunties and friends who were cheering from the sidelines. Kay and Ray – you have bred the best Siamese lad in the history of the universe. For style, type and temperament Teddy is second to none – I am truly honoured to have this lad in my home. A round of applause also to Teddys Parents –His father, Bex – UK GR CHAMPION JOHPAS CUMONUREDZ and his very beautiful and clever mummy, Tuk Tuk - FLUTTERBY TUK'S INLUCKYLAND.


siamese cat shows

chocolate point siamese cat

Imp Gr Ch Flutterby Conquistador – made up to Imperial, winning Best Overall Siamese and going on to win Best Overall Exhibit at the Yorkshire Show 2011. Many thanks to all his judges who obviously love him as much as we do!

A truly awesome boy who reflects the quality, health and temperament of the Flutterby lines. A fantastic accolade to Teddy’s breeder.


Show Reports

Helen Marriot Power

My overall Best in Show was Flutterby Conquistador a very handsome Chocolate Point Siamese boy of just over two years of age. He has a strong, well proportioned wedge which narrows in straight lines to a fine muzzle. Pleasing profile line with gentle rounding over top of head and straightening at brow to a perfect line to tip. Level bite and firm chin. Large, flared ears well set to follow the line of the wedge. Intense blue colour to eyes, oriental in shape and set slanting towards the nose and with a wonderful ‘snooty’ expression. Lovely size and weight to long, elegant, well muscled body with proportionate length, slim legs and neat oval paws. Long, tapering tail balances body. Short and close lying coat of excellent, fine texture. Warm toned, chocolate colour to points, marginally paler on feet and virtually clear of shading to ivory body colour. Every inch a winner from his designer looks to his wonderful temperament.

Janet Starr

What a wonderful start to the day! Very handsome Chocolate-point male of super type. Strong even wedge head with Roman nose & a firm chin. Bright blue eyes ,oriental in shape & setting & with an appropriately superior expression! Well placed large open ears, giving excellent head balance. Long firm body & legs, whip tail of balancing length ,just a little thick at the root .Close short coat of excellent texture, well polished, points of warm chocolate ,almost matching ,just a little shading on his head. A very impressive gentleman, shown in top condition & with a temperament to match –we enjoyed the cuddle! I believe he achieved a new title today – congratulations!

Norma Farnsworth

Looking more mature than when I saw him last and all the better for it. Beautiful type overall with very good top of head and large flared ears. Lovely profile, level bite and firm chin. Oriental eye shape and set with deep blue colour and languorous expression. Proud head carriage with well defined neckline and whilst not an enormous cat, a well balanced body of good type with slender legs and whip tail. Warm chocolate points and minimal shading on an ivory coat which was short and sleek. Congratulations on the ultimate award.

Dr Bruce Bennett

Handsome devil of very balanced type. Strong, even triangular head with super topline- large ears very well spaced and flared, lovely oriental eyes of good blue shade. Superbly arrogant arching profile, with depth of muzzle and level bite. Firm body, medium large, balancing limbs and tail. Close lying coat, very good chocolate points with warmth to them, slightly darker on the ears and mask, good ivory contrast on the body that shows little shading.


siamese cat shows

Darling Aimee gaining her Champion Status and BOB at Edinburgh East


Show Reports


Diane Harper

A young girl of good type, she has a medium to largewedge head, wide top and large well set ears, straight profile, firm chin and level bite, deep blue oriental eyes, long firm body, long legs and oval feet, long slightly thick tail. Dark lilacpoints and off white body so clear contrast, short fine coat. A very sweet girl well presented in excellent condition.

Ann Gregory

A pretty young female with type, style and balance; she had a balanced, even wedge with large ears, well pricked and broad at the base that were set well apart to continue the lines of the triangle. Her profile was almost straight and there was good depth to the chin. Her eyes were of Oriental shape and set with a good depth of blue and a pleasing expression. She had lovely head carriage. Her body was long, fine but muscular with elegant legs and dainty oval paws. Her tail balanced well. Her coat was reasonably short, fine and close-lying. She was a most attractive lilac point with a frosty pink tone and there was excellent contrast to her magnolia body. She was shown in sparkling condition and had a confident, affectionate temperament.


siamese cat shows



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