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Athelstan Siamese & Oriental Stud Cats

Chocolate Point Siamese

Imp Gr Ch Flutterby Conquistador


(photo courtesy of Kevin Brock and Siamese Cat Breeder)

Teddy - (Teddy Bear)

Sensational Chocolate Siamese boy with temperament, health and dashing good looks to die for. I remember seeing Teddy for the very first time – a little chocolate shaving all shiny and happy – running riot in Kay and Ray's kitchen... he took my breath away and my heart literally burst with joy!

Teddy is the lifeline of my cattery and itís with love and gratitude to my friends Kay and Ray Simpson of Flutterby who have allowed this amazing lad to come to Scotland! Their support, advice, encouragement and generosity will stay with me always. Thank you!

Teddy has a pure Siamese Pedigree - and is at Closed Stud


Branwen - (Handsome)

Magnificent Tabby Oriental boy who has travelled all the way from Eastern Europe to be with us in Scotland. Likes to stand on high to head butt you as you walk by. It's with great appreciation to Alla Veselova of La Lune D'or Cattery who very kindly and patiently allowed this to happen.

Branwen has been neutered and is now retired!

Brown Ticked Tabby Oriental

La Lune D'or Branwen


Black Oriental

Bestcats Palatial Partydress



Pan - (Pancake)

Superb Oriental boy who made the journey from Germany be with us. Very talkative boy who is warm and gentle. It's with great appreciation to Melanie Bestman of Bestcats Cattery who graciously allowed this.

Pan has been neutered and is now retired!




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